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Atlanta’s Plantation Shutter Refinishing Experts

Castleberry Shutters is able to repaint and refinish shutters of all shapes and sizes at our factory in the Atlanta, GA, area. Shutter refinishing is a cost-effective way to bring a fresh look to your home, and we are able to do a beautiful job for you at a reasonable price. It doesn’t matter if you have a house full of large plantation shutters or a set of specialty shutters in your garage—we can help bring them back to life with our detailed refinishing techniques. At Castleberry Shutters, we help many customers preserve their shutters for an extended period of time, simply by sanding and repainting them with an expert hand.

plantation shutters

Repainting and Refinishing

At Castleberry Shutters, we have many years of experience with shutters, which means we know them inside and out. It also means we know how to refinish and repaint shutters correctly. To do this work right, the shutters first need to be sanded down to remove the old paint and/or finish. Simply putting another coat over the previous one is not enough to make it look the shutters look their best. Properly refinished or repainted shutters can last you for a very long time.

After sanding, our expert team is then ready to paint or stain your shutters to the exact color you have chosen. We can match any existing color you may have in mind, or mix any stain you like for a truly custom look and feel. We won’t just put one coat on, either; we’ll do multiple coats, along with a finish coat to help protect them from the elements, dust, and other substances. When you trust us to refresh a piece of your home, we take that work seriously. Each factory worker here has refinished many, many shutters in their time with us, and they do outstanding work.

Drop Off or Pick Up

When you decide you’d like to get your shutters repainted or refinished, we try to make it convenient for you. If you would like to bring them in yourself, feel free to call and make an appointment to drop them off with our staff. If you prefer, if our scheduling permits, you can also schedule a pickup time, and we’ll come to you. Our company will transport your shutters safely, and return to you when they are finished—looking brand new!

If you have any questions about the shutter repainting or refinishing process, please contact our professional team members for answers. We’ll be happy to talk with you about color matching, stain options, and anything else you would like to discuss. Our goal is to make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about what approach you’d like to take with your shutters.

Contact us in Atlanta at 770-872-0344 today for repainting services!

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