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Custom Plantation Shutters in Atlanta

Castleberry Shutters builds custom plantation shutters right here in our factory in Woodstock, GA. We do all the work on these beautiful, American-made window treatments, and our pride in our products will shine through when you see the quality of your new shutters. All of our plantation shutters are hand-built by experienced craftsmen, and we are well known for making an excellent product. If you are considering plantation shutters, please contact us for more details about how to order them from our team.

plantation shutters

A Few Reasons To Use Plantation Shutters

  • All our plantation shutters are custom-made to your needs.
  • Our high-quality plantation shutters will last a long time when taken care of.
  • Our real-wood shutters are energy efficient, as wood is a natural insulator.
  • Plantation shutters are a stylish option for any home or business.
  • Our plantation shutters will even increase the value of your home.

3 1/2 Wood Shutters
Inside Mount with Arched Tops

Modern Window Shutter

Window Shutters

Standard And Custom Designs

We offer both standard sizes and custom-made plantation shutters, depending on your space and what you need. We have crafted these stylish shutters for many homes in the area, and they are a very popular window treatment. Plantation shutters have some heft to them, and when properly taken care of, they will last for a very long time. Ours is especially well built, and the quality is obvious once you lay eyes on them.

Our plantation shutters are available in several different louver sizes to suit a variety of different preferences.

Our plantation shutters include below sizes:

  • 2.5 inch
  • 3.5 inch
  • 4.5 inch

Our custom shutters can fit nearly any size window you have. Since we manufacture our own product, we can make custom shutters for your home to match your personal style. Our team can measure and craft a beautiful set of these traditional beauties for your home or building, and we will install them for you for just the right fit.

Contact Us to Get Beautiful Plantation Shutters

Please contact us at our Atlanta-area office to place an order, or to ask any questions you may have about our offerings. We’ll be glad to help you get whatever you need.

Contact us in Atlanta at 770-872-0344 today to get beautiful plantation shutters!

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