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High-Quality Wood Blinds in Atlanta

Add A Warm, Natural, And Organic Feel To Your Decor

If you are looking for sophistication and warmth, then solid wood blinds are the way to go. As Atlanta’s premier provider of custom wood blinds, Castleberry Shutters is proud to provide high-quality wood blinds in various colors and styles to fit your design needs.

living room

Some Benefits of Real Wood Blinds

  • Offer a warm and inviting look to any space
  • Long associated with strength and aesthetic beauty
  • Many color options available
  • Made of real kiln-dried basswood
  • Can accommodate wider windows with a single-blind

Natural Beauty

While you can achieve a realistic look with faux wood or plastic blinds, nothing compares to the natural beauty of real wood. Akin to a hand-rubbed piece of fine furniture, real wood blinds have their own unique texture and definitive grain, which gives your room a refined quality that’s hard to duplicate. They look great from both inside the house and outside looking in, adding a richness and warm elegance to your windows.

Functional, Solid Wood Construction

Beauty is not the only thing real wood blinds bring to the table. Due to their solid wood construction, they are lightweight, long-lasting, and fantastic insulators. Wood blinds also offer superior privacy by completely blocking the view from outside when closed and providing significant protection for furniture and art against harsh sunlight.

Size And Style Options

Since real wood blinds are lighter than their faux-wood counterparts, they are available in more sizes, which comes in handy if your home has large or over-sized windows. We offer cordless and corded blinds in a variety of colors. Our blinds come in 2″ and 2.5″ slat widths and are perfect for covering everything from enormous bay windows to French doors.

Professional Wood Blind Installation

Our wood blinds are custom-made to fit your windows, so it’s best to have an expert team like Castleberry Shutters measure and install your blinds to minimize the chances of costly mistakes. With over 60 years of experience, our team can also provide some great advice if you are unsure as to which style of blinds will work best in your home. To find out more information, give us a call or fill out our online form for a free quote!

Need high-quality custom blinds? Call us at 770-872-0344 in Atlanta or 478-808-5268 in Macon today!

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