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The Castleberry Shutters Difference

Real Wood Shutters

We Want To Help Homeowners By Providing Some Guidelines For Them To Consider When Deciding Which Shutter To Purchase. Our shutters are not a hybrid, like some of our competitors. A hybrid shutter is part wood & part plastic. Vinyl/poly products use oil which emits carbon. Our shutters are all wood using high quality, American-grown white poplar, green & renewable source, that can be sanded down smooth and painted to give it a fine finish. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the advantages of an all-wood shutter and we would love to tell you more in person!

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Fast, Accurate, And Honest Quotes

Our sales team does not employ the widely used bait & switch tactic. Some companies have started advertising a great price on their shutters but tend to leave out the biggest detail; it’s for their lower quality/hybrid shutters. Our jobs are measured and quoted out the same day; no return trips to come make final adjustments.

Our sales team consists of highly qualified and experienced personnel with many years under their belt in manufacturing & installation. This vast knowledge base helps make our process from quote to installation very smooth.

Stiles-Size Matters

Some shutter manufacturers use a narrower stile; going from a 1 1/8” stile to a ¾” stile causes the shutter to feel flimsy because of the lost rigidity. All of our panels have 1 1/8” stiles.

Larger, Heavy Duty Magnets

Many budget shutter companies use a typical 12 lb. magnet to hold their panels in place; we use 30 lb. magnets for our products. The increase in weight holds the panels more securely and resists deterioration longer. Over the years, magnets can deteriorate from sun damage; if this ever happens, we will replace them at no cost to the customer.

High-Quality Tension Pins

Some of our competitors use low-quality tension pins which can lead to loose louvers that won’t stay in place and lead to light issues. Our tension pins, as all of our components, are high-grade quality.

Excellent Finish

Our finish stands apart from other shutters. We work to make sure that there is no open-grain on the face of our louvers, which consistently produces a sleek, straight louver that resists cracking and warping over time.
Our paint stands the test of time; we used it to even paint our shop floors which you can see if you wish to come take a tour!

Passing The Quality Test

Often times than naught, with a natural wood product you will have inconsistencies with louvers due to the grain in the wood. We always use the best cuts of white poplar around to craft your shutters, even if that means having to throw away otherwise perfectly fine pieces.

Buy Direct

Much of our competitors are merely middlemen; sales representatives for larger manufacturers. At Castleberry Shutters, you buy directly from the manufacturer at wholesale prices & only deal with Castleberry Shutter employees during the process, from quote to install. We do not like to pretty up a showroom; we’d rather have you come to see what we actually send out the door to our customers. Ask any other shutter company if they can give you a tour of their manufacturing area!

Repairs & Adjustments

Customers sometimes can wait months to have repairs done to their shutters. Sometimes even have to wait for other panels to be ordered from their supplier. At Castleberry Shutters, we have a dedicated technician with decades of experience with window treatments and a full-fledged shop to make any adjustments & repairs locally.

Learn more about our shutter repairs and refinishing

Industry-Leading Guarantee

Our guarantee is another point that sets us apart from the competition. We strongly believe in the craftsmanship of our shutters and will stand behind our product with a lifetime guarantee over any manufacturing defects for as long as you own your home! As our President and co-owner, Jeff Castleberry likes to say, “The thrill of a good deal is long faded when the realization of poor-quality sets in.”

Contact us in Atlanta at 770-872-0344 today!

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